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My proposal: Start work week on Wednesday

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My work week would be a whole lot easier if it started on Wednesday.

Mind you, I’m not one to complain much about Mondays. Every Monday, I don’t get up and post on Facebook about how much I hate Mondays. I usually reserve my Monday Facebook postings for selfies of myself in convenience store bathrooms.

I really have no issue with Monday other than the fact that it’s the day that starts the work week. For instance, I had no issue with Monday, September 6, 2021. Since that was Labor Day, I didn’t work, so it seemed like a Sunday. That week, for some reason, I had a problem with Tuesdays, but got over it by the next Tuesday, which didn’t seem all that bad.

In the weekly newspaper business, Monday is our busiest day. It’s the day we write almost all our stories. It’s the day we lay out our newspapers. It’s the day we make sure all our advertisements are proofed and ready. And it’s the day people call me when they want to chit-chat or sell me life insurance.

And my body has also become accustomed to sleeping until 8:30 a.m. for two days straight.

I can’t wait until the day when I’m so rich — or unemployed — that Mondays don’t bother me.

But instead of complaining about Monday, I think it’s time to explore options of what to do about it. Here are some alternatives I’m considering making Mondays more palatable:

• Start the work week on Saturday.

This would immediately make Monday seem more like Wednesday, which would also rid Monday of that negative stigma that has to be bothering its psyche. So, under this schedule, the work week would start on Saturday and go five days through Wednesday. Then, the weekend would be Thursday-Friday.

Wait. That would mess up college football being played on Saturday. Forget it.

• Okay, we can’t start the work week on Sunday (Sabbath), so how about Tuesday?

Under this scenario, Tuesday would be like our current Monday, and the work week would go five days, from Tuesday- Saturday, with Sunday and Monday being the weekend.

Dang. That still screws up college football Saturdays, and NFL Sundays, and high school football on Fridays. Next.

• Who said we had to have a five-day work week anyway?

Why not do this: Start the work week on Wednesday. Work from Wednesday- Friday. Weekend goes from Saturday until Tuesday.

This would accomplish a number of goals: 1. Make Monday much more enjoyable and unsmirch (new word I just made up) its good name; 2. Keep college football Saturdays intact; 3. Allow me to stay up late to watch Monday Night Football; 4. Cut my work week down to three days, which would be very beneficial to my golf game; C. Keep the Sabbath holy, because sometimes I have to work on Sunday so that my Mondays aren’t so hectic; and D. Transfer the blemish that has blotted Mondays far too long to Wednesdays, which have enjoyed the “Hump Day” moniker far too long.

Plus, nothing really gets accomplished on Wednesdays anyway.

Mondays should be like any other day in life’s rich pageant. I think that’s in the Bible. If it isn’t, we should add it.

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