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Hospital is much improved, kindness at the landfill

This started out as a letter to our hospital administration but our local people need to know about “good things” happening.

A week ago, on Sunday, I experienced a minor wound to my hand. The next day I received my monthly rheumatoid treatment which can lower my immunity to fight infection. By Tuesday morning my hand was severely red, swollen and extremely painful.

I was evaluated by Dr. Barker and Dr. Brand and received an antibiotic injection and antibiotics. As time passed Dr. Brand was very concerned about my worsening infection, recommended hospitalization and IV antibiotics. I protested but Dr. Brand won and I walked out with admission orders in hand and went home to pack.

When I arrived at the hospital to be admitted, paperwork was already prepared. Within 15-20 minutes, I was in my room and the process to begin my treatment was underway.

The pharmacist and RN got orders adjusted so I could begin treatment immediately. Within an hour of arriving I was a full fledged patient and treatment was underway.

I wish I could name and recognize each employee but I would inevitably miss someone and there are always those “behind the scenes.”

But I just wanted to recognize our hospital and staff. Every single employee I came in touch with, whether involved in my care or not, was professional, friendly and respectful. I did not run into a single employee who had a bad attitude or not doing their job well. This includes everyone from housekeeping, lab, food service, housekeeping to nursing and in between. Meals were on time and quite tasty (I’m a very picky eater). My medications/ treatments were always on time and I basically had to ask for nothing other than my “as needed” medications which I received in a timely manner. My room was kept clean (trash was emptied three times daily) and meal trays removed promptly. Not one employee entered my room without a friendly and pleasant attitude. I was kept informed and up to date on my treatment, care and progress. I’ve been in hospitals from Atlanta to Los Angeles more times than I care to count. I can say without a doubt, this stay was the best I have ever experienced, hands down. I know they had several other patients than myself but they made me feel that I was the only one.

Yes, our little hospital is dated and they are unable to provide the extensive services larger hospitals do. However, under similar circumstances, I would not hesitate to receive treatment there in the future. We are a small town with small town problems, but we still have a little gem of healthcare that is here for us to utilize and support that employs amazing people. My experience has definitely changed my opinion and attitude about Early Medical Center. I encourage everyone to utilize their services when possible. We are lucky to have them.

Lea Chapman Taylor

Dear Editor,

Last week I went to the landfill to take our collection of trash bags. It was hot and I was tired. This kind young man said, “I’m off the clock but I want to take the job of unloading this for you.” My heart was so blessed by his good attitude and kindness. I can’t say thank you enough, Carlos, for helping me.

Rachael Jones

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