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Putting up is a family and community tradition. Community-wise, an article from June, 1942, described a new canning plant opening. It was prompted by FFA sponsor Cheek and club members to do more for the community.

New Blakely-Union Canning Plant to Open Here Monday. A new, up-to-date canning plant, located on the school grounds at Blakely, will be opened to the public Monday, June 15, it was announced this week.

This plant, an addition to the Vocational Agriculture department of the Blakely Union school, is for the use of anyone desiring to can any kind of vegetable, fruit, and meat. The plant will be operated on a cooperative basis.

Patrons of the plant will be able to buy their cans there. The cost of these cans will be 4 1-2 cents for No. 3 (quart) and 3 1-2 cents for No. 2 (pint). The cost of the cans, which also includes the cost of fuel, will be the only charge made for the use of the plant.

People wishing to use the plant will bring their products on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. It is hoped in this time of national emergency that everyone will avail themselves of the use of these canning facilities. National defense efforts may be measured by the number of cans of preserved food one has in the pantry. Those who patronize the local canning plant will find that this is much cheaper and an easier method of preserving surplus commodities. The plant will be under the super vision of E. H. Cheek, Vocational Agriculture Instructor, with Miss Mary X. Brown, Home Economics Teacher, assisting.

And in Hilton and other Early County rural communities, the W.P.A. Program helped to establish canning plants in their communities.

Hilton’s report from the 1936 canning season follows.

Hilton Canning Plant Has a Busy Season, Much Canning Done. The Hilton canning plant has about completed its busiest season since its establishment, with a total of 7,196 pints canned during the summer months. The profusion of vegetables and fruits during this spring and summer has meant much to farm families throughout the county in their “Live-at-Home” programs. Many of these families have taken advantage of the safety and economy of the canning plan under the supervision of men who have been trained in this work. The food canned thus far includes Beef 62 pints, Soup mixture 1,120 pints, Tomatoes 1583 pints, Beans 1230 pints, Pork 58 pints, Chicken 144 pints, Brunswick stew 124 pints, English peas 22 pints, Squash 12 pints, Peas 1232 pints, Corn 855 pints, Peaches 454 pints, Total 7196 pints. Spoilage has been 180 pints, and was caused by poor products and over-heat. This leaves a total of goods kept of 97.5 per cent.

Today, I think we are in putting up times again. If you go to the grocery store, you know what I mean. Our canning plant is open by appointment. Call Lisa Murphree 478-217-0564 or David Wolfe, 229-310- 9246.

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