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Georgia sues Biden administration over work requirement for Medicaid

Georgia is suing the federal government over the Biden administration’s rejection of a more limited expansion of Medicaid than is provided through the Affordable Care Act.

The Trump administration approved the state’s version of Medicaid expansion in 2020, but Biden’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reversed course because of the Georgia program’s work requirement.

“Simply put, the Biden administration is obstructing our ability to implement innovative healthcare solutions for more than 50,000 hard-working Georgia families rather than rely on a one-size-fits-none broken system,” Kemp said Jan. 21.

“They have attempted an unlawful regulatory bait and switch, and it is clear that their decision is not being driven by policy – rather politics – as they attempt to force their top-down agenda on the American people.”

Democrats, who have been pushing for a full expansion of Medicaid they say would cover nearly 500,000 Georgians, criticized the decision by the governor and Attorney General Chris Carr to go to court.

“It’s bad enough that Brian Kemp refuses to implement full Medicaid expansion,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Now, he and his henchman, Chris Carr, are wasting taxpayer dollars fighting for a restrictive health care proposal that leaves the mentally ill, Georgians with disabilities, and those caring for sick relatives behind.”

Georgia’s lawsuit seeks to have the state’s Medicaid expansion reinstated.

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