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Covenant friendships in a contract world



We live in a world that plans with the end in mind. Most often when we enter into an agreement with another person, we anticipate it will not last. That is why contracts were designed. But there are still relationships that are meant to be forever. We call those covenant relationships. Like a contract, there are terms set forth in a covenant; there are promises and intentions made known that will help nurture and sustain the relationship. However, when those terms are compromised, the covenant doesn’t end.

I am talking about friendships that last from the moment you become friends to the very end. I am blessed to have the same best friend for my entire life. We were born twenty-seven days apart and immediately were in each other’s company when our young mothers visited each other. I don’t remember becoming best friends with Karie, we just always have been. No matter what has happened in our lifetime, we have remained friends.

In a friendship we have the luxury of unpacking the baggage that we accumulate in other relationships like marriage, family, the workplace and social circles. We are free to say everything we want to say and feel confident knowing our closest friends will still love us and have our back. Friends will show up or call out of the clear blue before being made aware we need them. Friends can make us feel lighter by shouldering our burdens. The picture of Moses’ arms being held up by Aaron and Hur comes to mind. He couldn’t do it alone, but with the help of those closest to him, “his hands remained steady until sunset” Exodus 17:12.

This was true of David and Jonathan. When Jonathan (King Saul’s son) first met David, he should have been extremely jealous.. David was on his way to the throne that rightfully belonged to Jonathan. But instead of jealousy, Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as much as himself. “Then Jonathan removed the royal robe he was wearing and gave it to David along with his military tunic, his sword, his bow and his belt.” 1 Samuel 18:3-4. Why the instant affection between Jonathan and David? Well, I believe Jonathan instantly recognized himself in David. See, back in 1 Samuel 13, Jonathan fought his Goliath so to speak. When everyone else was gripped with fear and hiding in caves, holes and cisterns, Jonathan trusted the Lord to fight a battle with him alone. When Jonathan hears a very similar account from David after he defeats Goliath, he is instantly bonded to him.

It is no mistake when we are introduced to our closest friends. The Lord introduced Jonathan to David at the perfect time. As soon as they met, life became very difficult for both and when no one else could be trusted, they had each other. Jonathan would spend the rest of his life protecting David from his own father and encouraging his destiny. Likewise, David spent the rest of his life remembering his friend Jonathan and doing everything he could to honor his family members that remained after his death.

Time, distance, circumstances, nor death can quench the affection friends have for each other. It is different from any other close relationship we have, and it is treasured. Aren’t you grateful for covenant friends to laugh with, share with, grow with and love? I am certainly grateful for my best friend, Karie; a friend who always has my back, never judges, gives only Godly advice, prays for me and encourages my destiny!

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