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Final pass of storm debris removal ended Friday

Local governments will be reimbused for cost of remaining debris removal

GEMA officials advised local officials Jan. 4 that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in the process of wrapping up their second and final pass of storm debris removal, stating Jan. 11 was the final day for Corps contractors to pick up debris.

Storm debris remaining after the Corps contract completion can be removed by the city and county. The costs of that removal can be reimbursed through the traditional FEMA Public Assistance program.

GEMA also noted Georgia is committed to covering the entire non-federal cost share of eligible debris removal efforts.

That debris removal can be accomplished using city and county workforce and equipment or they can enter into contracts for the debris removal.

GEMA further noted, construction and demolition debris, “leaners and hangers” and the huge stumps will be handled outside of the second pass. If that mission extends past Jan. 11, the Corps Contractors will continue to pick up that debris through February.

Also, the Corps Contractors will continue to process and remove all debris they picked up — there will not be debris piles remaining.

“Hurricane Michael generated huge quantities of debris in Southwest Georgia. Local governments, the State and our federal partners have worked incredibly hard to quickly and effectively address the threat posed by this debris to the health and safety of our citizens and the traveling public,” stated GEMA’s Charlie Dawson.

“Utilizing federal assistance to remove almost 4 million cubic yards of debris in a matter of months has set Southwest Georgia on a positive path to recovery from this terrible storm.”

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