2019-01-09 / Religion

Weekly Devotional

By Dr. Alex Howell

It makes a big difference how we truly see Jesus. The reason is, God isn’t interested in good theology, He already has that. God is interested in us becoming what He intended for us to be.

When we read about the miracles Jesus performed, they are testimonies of His authority, goodness and love. They are records of His activity on earth that reveals the true Jesus to us. They aren’t testimonies for us to affectionately remember, but to remember in faith, that if He would do them for these people, He would do them for us. Hebrews 8:13 says “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” He is or He isn’t.

The value of any promise depends on who is making that promise. God makes us a promise — faith in that promise is going to be in direct proportion to your faith in God. If you don’t trust God how can you trust His promise?

The faith needed for His promise to manifest in our lives will depend on who God is to you and do you believe what He has said. (Matthews 16:13- 15)

You are very special to God because you have accepted and are thankful for His sacrifice at Calvary.

Why not start living each day knowing that the One that created the entire universe loves you with all His heart.

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