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City holds busy special meeting

The Blakely City Council held a special meeting Dec. 19 at which they approved an annexation resolution and named the new Blakely Police Chief.

The annexation resolution enables the city to begin the process of requesting legislators to present local legislation providing for an annexation of some properties contiguous to the city limits.

Following a lengthy executive session, the council returned to the open meeting and voted to hire Will Caudill as police chief. Former Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes served as a consultant to the council during the hiring process.

In other action, the council approved the purchase of 10 Vista HD body cams from Watch Guard for the police department at a total price of $12,185.

They also approved the purchase of two police equipped patrol units, a 2010 Dodge Charger for $10,750 and a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado for $20,750 from Classic Automobiles.

The council approved bids from Blankenship Contracting of Dothan for sewer line repair behind the hospital and the high school totaling $84,140. The projects will be paid for in part by insurance and the DCA “Immediate Threat and Danger” program reimbursements.

The council approved a resolution authorizing equipment leases with the GMA Direct Leasing Program for the purpose of leasing a garbage truck.

They also agreed to renew the construction loan for the Fire Dept./Government Building on Magnolia Street.

The council approved a resolution authorizing application to the Georgia DCA for CDBG funds in 2019. The application will be the second of three consecutive neighborhood revitalization grant applications authorized by a Revitalization Area Strategy approved by the council.

The Strategy addresses neighborhoods where citizens’ living conditions are substandard by improving both city services provided to those citizens and improvements to the private properties.

Related to the CDBG applications, the city discussed a recent DCA rule change requiring Housing Reconstruction and Housing Rehabilitation to be included as one of the city’s “Service Delivery Strategies” and voted to contact the Regional Development Agency about adding it to the city’s mandated strategy.

They also approved a resolution for the city to provide its matching share of CDBG fund as follows: 0 percent for grants up to $300,000; 5 percent for grants between $300,001 and $750,000; and 10 percent for grants $750,000 to $1,000,000.

The council also approved an ordinance which will allow the city to continue operation under the present budget due to the 2019 proposed budget being delayed due to Hurricane Michael.

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