2018-12-05 / Editorials

Memories do often rush in!

Billy Fleming

It was back in the early 1980s when I began paying attention to how much history was being lost with each funeral in our community.

Much too often now days too many are passing and today’s generation hardly notices, much less cares what history they take with them.

I attended one of those funerals today when services were held for Bob Hightower. Most of the local history Bob took with him would be unimportant to most. Not to me!

It was not until Joe Middleton and I swapped several emails about Bob’s passing that I realized how much the two of them were a part of my childhood memories.

Memories of our neighborhood adventures came to an abrupt end, much too early. Joe moved to Cedartown in 1957 with his family. Several years later Bob departed for Culver Military Academy.

The three of us were never together again until 1988, a meeting I had almost forgotten until Joe sent a photo of the three of us together at the Busy Bee.

Joe is now in Raliegh. Had not seen him since 1988 until he came through Blakely this past Spring. After we walked through the old neighborhood he headed to Panama City where he was able to visit with Bob, where he had lived a number of years.

Those memories we were sharing, they are now over 60 years old!

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