2018-08-29 / Front Page

Pre-fire plans

The City of Blakely Fire Department will be contacting local businesses to set up a meeting and walk-through of the business to develop pre-fire plans.

A pre-fire plan contains detailed information about a facility that allows staff or first responders — fire, EMS, law enforcement, etc. — to quickly and effectively respond to any crisis situation at that location.

Pre-fire plans should include: list of contacts for the business; floor plans and building layout; emergency shut-offs for electrical, gas and water mains; hazardous materials in or around the building; and any other notes that can cause harm or delay of response to the business or personnel.

Development of these plans reduces the response time and improves the effectiveness of response. These pre-plans will be updated every six to 12 months, depending on the business.

A pre-incident plan is the most valuable tool available for aiding response personnel in effectively controlling an emergency.

Also, pre-fire plans count towards ISO ratings which means the better we work together and drop our ISO rating the better and lower your business insurance will be.

If you have any questions contact the City of Blakely Fire Department at 723- 5150 or 723-8875.

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