2018-08-29 / Front Page

Animal Cruelty

The City of Blakely Marshal’s office made an animal cruelty arrest last week after discovering a dog in a kennel which required emergency surgery.

Animal Control officer Linda Gayle Mobley was on a call at 162 Jesse Johnson St. Aug. 21 removing other animals when noticed a female dog in a kennel with tether which had a severe neck injury.

Mobley contacted Chief Copp for assistance and the injured dog was rushed to Payton Animal Hospital where she under went emergency surgery.

Terrell McQueen of Blakely was arrested and charged with with animal cruelty under Georgia Animal Cruelty Code 16- 12-4(b).

Convictions under this code can lead to sentenc- ing up to 12 months and fines up to $10,000 for multiple offenses.

The rescued dog, now named Rylie, is expected to make a full recovery with help from her rescuers.

(Note: several photos of Rylie before her surgery were available, but the News determined they were too graphic for some of our readers!)

Here are some graphic images, I hope you are allowed to publish these to show why the city is taking these steps for prosecution.

Donations can be made to the City of Blakely Animal Control account at First State Bank to assist with future cases or other animal control issues.

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