2018-08-22 / Front Page

County holding funds

A story was aired by WTVY last week raising awareness of implications of the Pioneer Health Services bankruptcy.

The story did that, however, viewers and readers not abreast of the PHS bankruptcy may not have read to the end of the story which stated, “The LifeBrite hospital in Early County is not in danger of closing its doors.”

The story centered around $700,000 in taxpayer funds allocated by the county for indigent care and hospital improvements which was discussed at the August county commission meeting and published on the front page of the Aug. 8 Early County News.

The monies have not “been sent to creditors of Pioneer Hospital” as reported in the story. The county witheld disbursement of the money to the Hospital Authority in 2017 after PHS filed bankruptcy.

The key information is that the county plans to do whatever is necessary to ensure the tax dollars are spent for indigent care and local patients as it was intended.

It will be on the agenda of the Sept. 10 county meeting.

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