2018-08-01 / Editorials

There’s a lesson in this!

Billy Fleming

I first met Ray Davidson when he stopped by my office to tell me about the Fletcher Perry story. He had a passion to make sure we didn’t forget our veterans lost in combat.

He was also best friends with a cousin of mine, the late Billy Underwood. I was looking forward to several more conversations with him.

I didn’t know his nickname was “Trooper” until I found his obituary earlier today. His dedication to our veterans does not be forgotten!

Same thing happened several years back when I was trying to find Otis McVeigh. Wanted to talk to him, too. Otis was the wind beneath my wings when we formed the youth football league — the Packers — in 1977.

Wanting to share Otis’s role in organizing the Packers, I found his obituary in the Bainbridge Post Searchlight. He had died two years earlier.

Please visit the Nov. 12, 2014, issue of the News at www.earlycountynews.com and read about Otis. His contribution to our youth does not need to be forgotten!

My brother Bob and I got schooled a couple of years ago about the old axiom — “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!”

Braves coach Bobby Dews being a cousin of ours through our grandmother Pearl Dews, we had plans to contact him to meet and discuss family history.

Bobby’s Dews’ obituary hit me like rock! That conversation never took place. Bobby Dews Sr. was always visiting daddy. Would like to sit those two down again!

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