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Sensitive ‘tissue’

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I’m going to talk about a personal subject, something we don’t always talk about right out in the open. I’m going to talk about toilet paper. More...

There’s a lesson in this!


I first met Ray Davidson when he stopped by my office to tell me about the Fletcher Perry story. He had a passion to make sure we didn’t forget our veterans lost in combat. More...

Slow lane to someplace memorable

It’s time to hit the road and see something new. The trip to another out-of-the way Italian village is off the schedule until 2019, so I’ll have to settle for something closer to home. More...

Column writing live from the Improv

I don’t watch television much, according to this week’s column.  More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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That was Mamacita

All That’s Fit to Print

Mamacita left yesterday, just slipped away in the wee hours of morning. She was mostly bones and air and purr. Sometimes, we have to let them go, but it is never easy.  More...

Trump’s trade triumph

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The media and other Trump haters can’t seem to let themselves admit it, but President Donald Trump scored a big victory for the American economy on trade last week. More...

Open House at Blakely Medical Group

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10 YEARS AGO  July 30, 2008   THE ANNUAL Backto School Bash at Lucy Hilton Memorial Library will be today from 3 p.m. More...