2018-07-25 / Editorials

There was no doubt!

Billy Fleming

It hasn’t been as weird as it might seem living with a woman praying for brain surgery the past eight months. That sentence probably needs a little explaining.

Since Judy suffered a terrible fall almost three years ago, she has suffered too many problems and symptoms to try to list here. The worst and most lingering have been problems with speech and balance.

It hasn’t been for a lack of doctors that there seemed to be no end in sight to her problems. The Lord changed that one night in November with a heart attack. It wasn’t a heart attack we learned after hours in the SAMC emergency room and a day of tests. It was His way to put us in a place and time of his choosing.

A young man with a clipboard, upon learning of Judy’s problems, told us about his mother’s almost identical symptoms following a fall.

Long story, short, her doctors diagnosed the cause of her problems to be hydrocephalus — fluid on the brain. A shunt to drain the fluid returned her to a normal life.

Crossing paths with that young man started us down a new path. After a few trips to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for at least a dozen tests and evaluations, we got the news we were looking for Friday.

Prayers answered, we will be returning to Mayo soon to learn details and date for her brain surgery!

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