2018-07-18 / Editorials

Summer, Heaven and Hell!

Billy Fleming

About the immigration debate. Saw a teeshirt that pretty much says it all... “HEAVEN has a wall and strict immigration policies. HELL has open borders.”

Accompanying text in part stated... “There are many political lessons we can learn from Heaven and Hell. While it is open to everyone, one may only enter Heaven with a valid pass provided by the Son of God. Hell, however, requires no pass to enter.

“As conservatives, we welcome legal immigrants to America. Our laws must be obeyed if you want to enter. Open borders, however, allows sex traffickers, terrorists and drug dealers in to threaten our nation.”

Now that me and whoever came up with that tee-shirt have solved the lingering illegal immigration issue, let’s turn our attention to summer, or what’s left of it!

No matter the date, with “Back-to-School” creeping back onto the front page, you can bet there ain’t much summertime left!

There was a time when those headlines meant the only thing left was a three-day Labor Day weekend before school bells began ringing. We’re not even halfway through the Dog Days!

Somebody went to the trouble of collecting some end of summer quotes. A couple caught my eye... “It’s always summer somewhere,” Jimmy Buffet, maybe? And my favorite... “Summer should get a speeding ticket!” It does go by too fast!

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