2018-07-11 / Front Page

K-9 assisted caper

A K-9 assisted in solving another crime this past week. But, it was not Zeus or Mocha, the sheriff department’s two trained K-9 deputies.

This K-9 was caught on video with two would be burglars as they attempted to break into Riverside Travel Center in Hilton early Friday morning.

After arriving at the scene, one of the responding deputies recognized one of the suspects “by the way he walked.” They also noted a grey dog which showed up in the video. And, it helped that one of the suspects had not yet donned his mask when he walked into range of the security camera.

After breaking the glass door the video showed the suspects apparently heard an alarm and ran from the store.

Having identified Willie C. James Jr. as one of the suspects, they went to 52 Mamie Lane in Blakely. Upon arrival they see the dog in the video on the front porch and a baseball bat possibly used in the break-in laying in the front yard.

Trying over an hour to coax the suspects from the house, a search warrant was secured and both suspects eventually surrendered to authorities.

The other suspect, Anthony Jerome Sol, 45, of 52 Mamie

Lane was charged with criminal attempt (to break-in), criminal trespasss and wearing a mask. Willie C. James, 34, of 171 Butler Ave. was charged with criminal attempt and wearing a mask.

The report didn’t state how or why the dog made its way to Hilton or the role it played in the attempted burglary.

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