2018-07-11 / Editorials

Maybell was not the pig

Billy Fleming

Several years ago I asked if anyone could recall the “gettin’ outta here” music at the end of Tige Pickle’s radio show.

Unfortunately, as soon as I asked the question I realized a lot of readers would ask, “Who’s Tige Pickle?”

Had it not been for Albert Newberry, who “spun” the music for him nobody would have remembered it was “Maybell”

Several weeks ago I made reference to “flashbacks to the pig standing in the mud puddle” in a column referencing some digital difficulties we had that week trying to get the paper to press.

By the time I finished the column I realized hardly anyone would have any idea what I was talking about... “the pig standing in the mud puddle”

I don’t think this is an official Trivia question, but it should be intriguing enough to cause a few of you to try to unscramble your memories or resort to Google.

Never mind Google. Been there, done that and they don’t know anything about “the pig standing in the mud puddle,” either!

Please — don’t let my mind be playing tricks on me. Somebody has got to remember “the pig” in question! Hint: he was tech savvy.

• Watching the chaos you are going to see in the coming weeks, you need to understand it’s not about Trump! It’s about Trump actually making America great again!

The screaming folks you see on TV are the useful idiots of those wanting to destroy it!

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