2018-06-27 / Other News

How to create more time for leisure time

Few working professionals would likely say they could not use more leisure time. People spend their leisure time in various ways, and many would prefer more time to pursue their passions away from the workplace. While they may not be able to create more time in the day, men and women can take various steps to create more time for leisure.

• Spend free time more wisely. For instance, the American Time Use Survey found that more than half of the nearly five hours of leisure time persons 15 and over enjoyed each day was spent watching television. Men and women who want to make the most of their free time can note the amount of time they spend watching television, ultimately skipping their binge watching sessions in favor of pursuing their passions.

• Consider downsizing. Empty nesters, working professionals with no children or even parents whose kids still live at home may benefit by downsizing their homes. Downsizing to smaller homes that don’t require as much daily maintenance can provide men and women with more leisure time.

• Get out of the kitchen. Cooking is a favorite leisure activity for many people. But for those who prefer to be out and about rather than preparing meals in the kitchen, cooking can be more of a time-consuming chore than a rewarding passion. Meal delivery services can cut down on the time it takes to prepare meals, opening up more leisure time for people who want to spend less time in the kitchen each day.

• Make an effort to split chores down the middle. As evidenced by the time men and women spend on housework and cooking, household chores are not always divided equitably among men and women. Adults who feel they do not have enough leisure time in their day can work with their spouses or significant others to ensure both partners are doing an equal amount of work around the house.

Many people may be surprised to learn just how much leisure time they can enjoy each day by making a few simple tweaks to their daily routines.

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