2018-06-13 / Front Page

June City Council meeting

The city council approved a request to name the park on Plant Street in memory of Jeanette King at their June 5 council meeting. A dedication ceremony for the Janeatte King Memorial Park has been planned for July 7.

The council held a first reading of a proposed ordinance “creating and adding a planning commission” to the city codes.

City attorney Tommy Coleman explained that the city code had included provision for a planning commission at least since 1970s. However, apparently the ordinance was deleted from the city code during a period when the city and county had a joint planning commission.

The ordinance makes no changes in the responsibilities and function of the commission which, in general, include development and recommendations of planing and development maps and plans to the mayor and council.

The commission is also responsible for hearing zoning and use applications and make recommendations to the council.

The council approved a “Pole Attachment License Agreement” which provides criteria and rates for licensee use of the city’s distribution poles. The Early County School System presently utilizes 26 city distribution poles for a fiber optic cable between the high school and the elementary school.

The council will hold a first reading of a proposed ordinance to amend the city’s alcohol ordinance to provide regulations for Sunday sale of packaged alcohol and Sunday sale of alcohol by the drink as authorized by city voters in the May 22 special elections.

The council held a brief executive meeting to discuss property acquisition No action was taken when they returned to open meeting.

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