2018-06-06 / Editorials

Thinking back now and then

Billy Fleming


The information about the NFL on the facing page has made the rounds several times on the Internet. I have forwarded the message at least once in the past.

This week, with news of President Trump uninviting the Eagles to the White House clogging the MSM’s ability to speak coherently, when I tried to forward the same info, Google blocked the message.

Message Blocked... “Message flagged as spam” or “Message temporarily rejected.”

When I changed the title of the message from “NFL history” to “Where have all the flowers gone,” it went to all recipients unmolested!

For those who don’t remember, that is an old folk song by Pete Seegar I remember well from my Kingston Trio and Peter, Paul and Mary albums.... “long time ago.”

Understanding the songs and strife from those days, somewhat explains why my alternate message title was more palatable to the “far left whackos” at Google.

Brings to mind, too, the closing lyrics of another Pete Seegar song... Well I have a hammer... It’s the hammer of justice, And I have a bell, It’s the bell of freedom, And I have a song to sing, It’s a song about love between my brothers and my sisters, All over this land!

Most of those old folk songs were written in protest to the way things were back then, before the country’s youth was led into chaos. They didn’t know then and they don’t know now... WHY?

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