2018-05-30 / Editorials

Future belongs to them

Billy Fleming

Watching the huge crowd make their way into the Columbus Civic Center Saturday, my mind wandered back to the first time I was there.

It had a bit of wandering to do, that first visit being approximately 55 years ago to watch the Bobcats in the state basketball tournament.

About an hour later over 400 mortarboards were flying through the air as a gleeful Smiths Station senior class was celebrating graduation.

One of those mortarboards belonged to our granddaughter, Denise, following in the footsteps of her brother Allen.

With tropical storm Alberto already pushing rains into the area, the civic center was the point of embarkment into new lives for seniors from approximately a dozen area schools seeking shelter from the inclement weather.

Regardless which path those seniors choose, their futures are going to be challenged by a world being fundamentally changed by idealogues who harbor nothing but spite for their country.

Good Luck to all of you graduates! Our best wishes and prayers will be with you along whichever paths you choose.


Wake up America!!! The fact that the government would even consider repealing the second amendment is the very reason for which it was written.


Attention voters... don’t let your minds wander off yet, we still have a runoff election!

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