2018-05-02 / Editorials

Vampire problem? Think not!

Billy Fleming

“I’m here because the Lord wanted me here (this long),” Addie Mallory said at her 105th birthday party here last August.

I guess He just ran out of things for her to do... around here!


This time last year everyone’s hearts were being tugged at by the news of 1Lt. Weston C. Lee’s death in Iraq.

Nobody’s forgotten as the ongoing park project in Bluffton serves to remind. The recent passing of his father, Eddie Lee, also brought a rush of memories and emotions of Weston’s service and the sacrifice he made.

“As they sacrificed themselves in conflict, may our children live in peace.” ************

Too many don’t remember, but things are not what they used to be!

There are a lot of examples to point to, but the most recent to hit me was how few people are willing to give blood when called upon. I’ve heard blood drive reports which told of less than a dozen pints being donated.

I have got to do my homework, but I’m remembering blood drives where 75 to 100 pints were drawn.

I remember standing in line at the Women’s Club waiting to donate while other donors were stretched out on six or eight tables.

We often printed donor totals in the News... most of them were measured in gallons given!

What gives now???

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