2018-04-11 / Society

Class of 1958 celebrates 60th class reunion

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun, and the memories filled our hearts and minds as the Blakely Union Class of 1958 celebrated their 60th class reunion at the home of Duane Mellette Davis. The 29 members attending enjoyed fellowship and a low country boil prepared by Jerry Scarborough. One classmate Anne Kenney Bemer traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to renew acquaintances. Guests include Fay Kenney, Joan Wall, and Priscilla Collins.

The theme for the occasion was the song, Memories by Elvis Presley. The lyrics “memories pressed between the pages of my mind and sweetned through the ages”...literally did come floating down and settled softly to the ground. Class mates no longer with us, were remembered warmly with remembrances of our time together by anyone who wanted to respond. Those remembered were Annelle King Smith, Bobbie Jeanine White Benton, Bob Martin, Carole Tiner Holloway, Wayne Tiner, Sammy Owen, Joe Glass, Mark Brownlee, Jimmy Rice, Harry Clifton, Patricia Weaver, Walter Tiner, Billy Mclain, and Joel Hodges. The evening culminated with each class mate lighting a candle and making a wish. The room was illuminated by a circle of light as an Irish blessing was played. To break the somber mood, the class joined in singing the Alma Mater and gave a cheer for the Bobcats. The concensus of the group was that a trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the spirit.

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