2018-04-11 / Front Page

Family Connection: Making a difference

Annual report inside...

An “Annual Report” brochure in this week’s News provides a snap shot of the results of Family Connection programs over the past year.

“Our goals at Early County Family Connection are lofty: helping people understand the effects of poor choices and risky behaviors while arming them with real-world information to empower each person in our community to make positive choices,” FC Executive Director Gwen Houston states in the brochure.

“To accomplish these goals, we participate in initiatives to provide resources and programs, in partnership with other community organizations and leaders, to create an environment in Early County that supports our children, youth and adults.”

“We are so appreciative of the school system, the

City of Blakely, the Early County Board of

Commissioners, each person and organization in our community who gives time and resources to help us help others in Early County,” Houston adds. “We could not accomplish anything without your willingness to participate.” It’s worth taking a look!

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