2018-04-11 / Editorials

What bucket list???

Billy Fleming

I’ve never easily been star struck. Especially by folks from Hollywood who’s fame to claim is acting like somebody else.

But, I guess I have to admit I was somewhat star struck when Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player passed by within arm’s reach making their way to the ceremonial tee off last week at the Masters in Augusta.

It never was, but having done it, I’ll never figure out why going to the Masters had never been on my bucket list!

Heath called a couple of weeks ago asking if I wanted to go to the Masters. Turned out to be a foolish question. As soon as the call ended I was on the computer searching everything there was to know.

There are some mixed emotions about not having made the trip long ago. Mostly because I would have been able to watch Nicklaus, Arnold Player and some of the other greatest players.

But, the wait was worth it! If you took all the awe of a Disneyworld and tried to pack it into the 345 acres at Augusta National Golf Club, it would not come close to matching up!

The club’s facilities are beyond belief — more beautiful and amazing than ever suggested on TV.

The biggest jolt, however, comes when you walk out onto the course. The panoramic view crams your mind with 85 years of golf’s most memorable history.

Watching him play in Thursday’s opening round and listening to TV pundits talk him down, I became an instant fan and hung on his every shot.

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