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Here’s to 20 more

Other Voices

Someone pointed out to me this week that it’s been 20 years since I got my first springer spaniel. Time really has a way of marching on, doesn’t it? More...

What bucket list???


I’ve never easily been star struck. More...

Cruel and unusual punishment

Alex McRae

Until I jumped into the deep end of the high school sin pool, my mother’s biggest worry was getting me up and out the door for school. I wasn’t trying to avoid my classmates or teachers. I was just sleepy. In other words, I was normal. More...

The President’s trump card for spending restraint

Other Voices

Editor’s Note: This week’s column is co- written by James Carter. More...

Political Cartoon

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Political Cartoon

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Show me the money

All That’s Fit to Print

This happens all the time. You are in a check out line and you are almost next and then the person in front of you is not prepared to finish the transaction. More...

Andy Griffith was right — of course

About five years ago in this space, I wrote about the case of Ethan Couch — the 16-yearold Texas teen who made national news for using the “affluenza” defense to avoid jail time in a drunk-driving case that left four people dead.&nb More...

Enforce old laws before making new ones

From our Files News from the past

10 YEARS AGO  April 9, 2008   THE “GREAT Reunion” of the 40s, 50s and 60s went on as scheduled despite the rain. More...