2018-04-04 / Sports

Not your average high school football game

By Jeb Tabb

SGA Class of 2003

A volunteer fire chief scored the first touchdown in the March 23 football game on Sealy Field at Southwest Georgia Academy in Damascus.

It was a first, and the fire chief was planting corn the next morning with his head held just a little bit higher — wearing his scrapes and bruises like a badge of honor.

Obviously, this wasn’t your average high school football game. It was something more...something special...something pure.

I know many people came to the alumni game against Westwood thinking it would be a comedy show. On the opening kick off, the sound of jaws dropping to the ground was as deafening as the sounds of meat and plastic colliding violently on this sacred ground.

These men proved them wrong from the opening kick to the final whistle. It was one of the most intense games that I have ever participated in.

The game was organized to honor and establish a memorial scholarship for a great friend and former SGA Warrior, Lt. Weston Lee and his family. We had to match the intensity of the man we started all of this for. Anything less would have been a disservice to a man who gave his life for our great country.

That was far and away accomplished by these thirty three men, whom gladly jumped at the opportunity to honor a fallen brother. Our ages ranged from 18-45 years old. As you can imagine, there was apprehension among those that signed up in the beginning. I’m sure the Westwood players felt the same way.

Also, we can’t thank them enough for accepting our challenge. We would never have met our goal without them.

Personally, it had been fifteen years since my last full contact game, and I’ll admit that I had fear. Initially, it was the fear of getting hurt, but that fear transformed into something else on game day.

I’ll speak for all of the Warriors on this one, but the only fear left was that of letting your teammates down. That feeling made everything come full circle. There is nothing like it. Being on a team, and all pulling in the same direction is something we had all missed.

Before the game, we had already reached our goal of raising money for Weston’s memorial, but now it was time to be a little selfish. It was time to play football, have fun, and win. The Warriors went on to a 12-7 win over the Wildcats.

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