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What’s that about?

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I like to think my little effort here each week helps you stay on top of the biggest, most pressing issues of the day, and today, I hope to continue that.  Based on conversations with friends for the last week — both in person and on socia More...

Political Cartoon

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What do you do with this?

All That’s Fit to Print

If you buy something unassembled, sometimes the “tools” are included.  Years ago, I was fixing a loose screw on a chair in the conference room. I was using one of the many useless keys on my key ring and doing the job nicely. More...

The art of the Trump trade deal

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Is it possible that Donald Trump is winning on trade? Last week, Trump apparently delivered two underappreciated victories as a result of his threat of stiff tariffs and renegotiated trade deals. More...

No grist to grind in the mill of justice

From our Files News from the past

10 YEARS AGO  April 2, 2008   THE LENA Baker Story, filmed in Early County and Southwest Georgia, has been chosen as the opening night feature film in the Atlanta Film Festival.  SHAWN Williams, a junior safety at Early County High Sch More...

Political Cartoon

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A very special Easter!


I don’t think the calendar gurus saw this one coming!  You have to go back more than 60 years to find the last time Easter and April Fool’s Day were on the same day. OK, they saw that one.  It last happened in 1956. More...

My very first Easter sunrise smile

Not long after I was born my dad decided the family needed a camera. He bought a Kodak shaped like a box. It had a button on top that snapped the pictures. More...

No more panic in the restroom!

I was at the urinal in a restaurant, which is where most of my stories start.  That’s when I heard a woman’s voice coming from one of the nearby stalls.  A sudden surge of fear started at my toes and quickly shot up my spine to More...