2018-03-28 / Editorials

Is there no place to hide?

Billy Fleming

Anybody notice that Facebook has been in the news lately?

“This is war. This is about silencing dissent and alternative viewpoints by those holding hammerlock control of today’s principal means of distribution and what should be the free flow of digital information. It’s censorship on a scale previously unknown in human history.” — Joseph Farah, World Net Daily

Caution... It’s not just Facebook trying to unapologetically impose their idealogical tyranny on the future of our children and grandchildren!

“We are seeing censorship of conservative ideas all over the internet, and YouTube, which is owned by Google, is taking the lead by censoring content they don’t agree with. They block, restrict, and demonetize videos just because they contain conservative ideas.” “They’re actually trying to keep the ideas of personal freedom, limited government, a strong national defense, and individual responsibility OUT of the hands of young Americans!” — Dennis Prager, Founder, Prager University

And the data scam gets worse by the day. Note today’s headline...

Facebook Collected Call and Text History of Android Users… Because Google Let Them Have It!

Since Apple employs stricter controls over its app developers, iPhone users were reportedly unaffected.

Time for a new phone!

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