2018-03-14 / Editorials

It comes from the heart!

Billy Fleming

My mind is not what it used to be, but I can remember it like it was yesterday... almost!

The opportunity to watch and be part of something like what happened in that meeting talked about in the front page galley doesn’t come along very often. It’s been 10 years and I haven’t seen it since.

Nobody can explain exactly how it happened, but all the pain and suffering caused by that salmonella outbreak was somehow channeled into a healing process.

It was different, but I had the opportunity to be a part of another special meeting(s) several years later when the peanut industry decided to take Peanut Proud on the road.

They had good intentions, but you just knew in your heart the festival belonged in Blakely.

With no idea how to make it work, a group of volunteers took it upon themselves to find a way and negotiated a chance with the peanut representatives.

Most of those volunteers are still Peanut Proud and the festival is still here where it belonged.

Looking back over those 10 years, there is no doubt the Peanut Proud Festival is one of the most important things that could have happened to the community and the industry.

The community is also proud to be a part of Peanut Proud, Inc., the peanut industry’s charitable counterpart that has roots in the same pain and suffering as the Peanut Proud Festival.

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