2018-03-07 / Editorials

Tige was “Peanut Proud”

Billy Fleming

NOTE: It’s been one of those days when my mind, computer and clock were at odds. Had to grab the following from 2012 with our deadline lurking... passed already, actually! Just 14 pages into The Best of Tige Pickle, Volume I came across the following which appeared in the May 13, 1937 issue of the Early County News... written by Tige, a budding, new 23 year-old newspaper columnist...

Noting prominent festivals in Thomasville (Rose), Pelham (Tomato), Albany (Pecan), Tifton (Tobacco) and Moultrie (Watermelon), Tige stated “... why not a festival in our town for the lowly peanut, the second largest money crop in our county? And what’s more, we are right in the center of the peanut belt and our town boasts one of the largest peanut mills in the world.”

“You know, elect a queen and king with all her attendants, etc. It’s all a lot of nonsense, but it creates a lot of good will and publicity. The public is voracious for this kind of stuff.”

Yes, I think “Tige” Pickle would be “Peanut Proud” today!

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