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Love of words

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Do you know what someone who loves words is called? A wordie. Honestly. I know this because “wordie” is one of the 850 new words that Merriam- Webster, the folks that put the dictionary together, have added to the book this year. More...

Political Cartoon

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And winter was officially over

When my daughter texted from Green Bay to say it was six degrees below zero when her two boys boarded the school bus, I knew conditions were perfect to check another item off the bucket list.  My motto is, “if you can’t do something More...

An ‘America First’ immigration policy

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There are a lot of things right with Donald Trump’s immigration vision and a few things that are misguided. It’s worth reviewing which is which.  More...

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Tige was “Peanut Proud”


NOTE: It’s been one of those days when my mind, computer and clock were at odds. Had to grab the following from 2012 with our deadline lurking... passed already, actually! More...

Time, it’s on my mind

All That’s Fit to Print

Times are changing. I passed by a class of P.E. students last week and I think it was the Moseying class. I guess the next class would be the Watch Where You Are Going class and Don’t Take All Day.  Time is changing along with times. More...

I pity the fool that misses this turn

My wife and I make a good team because we share few of the same weaknesses. Her strengths are my weaknesses, and vice versa. More...

Groundbreaking ceremony held for new medical building

From our Files News from the past

10 YEARS AGO March 5, 2008 CHRISTOPHER Sumner was named STAR Student at Early County High School. Chris selected Sheila Sumner as his STAR Teacher. More...