2018-02-21 / Society

Beverly George recognized as Support Employee of the Year by New Horizons

Beverly George Beverly George Beverly George of Youngstown, Fla., formerly of Arlington, Ga., was recently honored and nominated by the staff of New Horizons Learning Center as their selection for 2018 Support Employee of the Year.

The ceremony was held at the Florida State University Panama City Campus Thursday, Feb. 8 witnessed by family and coworkers attending.

The ceremony was sponsored by Bay District School and Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union. For Beverly’s recognition, she received a plaque and a monetary donation from the credit union. There was also a delicious dinner served for all of the recipients, their families and coworkers from all of the area schools in Bay County.

This is Beverly’s 20th year with the district starting Sept. 8, 1998. She started her career with Shaw Adult Center. This school was closed down a few years back due to the lack of funding. Beverly was chosen by the staff of that school as 2006 Support Employee of the Year.

This year Beverly’s job title includes being a one-on-one paraprofessional with an eighth grade student that is autistic. She also helps mentor students with special needs as the need arises, and helps in anyway needed for proms, decorating for different events, and helps with various lunches we may have.

Beverly is married to Mike George and they have one daughter, Aubreia, and two grandchildren, Christopher, who is 16, and Summer who is 14.

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