2018-02-21 / Other News

Many city projects underway

The City of Blakely has a number of ongoing projects underway. Mayor Anthony Howard has shared the following project updates.

Water/ Sewer Department Projects Report submitted by Chris McClendon... Project #1 - A 12-inch water line coming off the water tank on Highway 39 is slightly behind due to regular maintenance requirements. 600 feet of pipe has been installed and more pipe has been ordered.

Project #2 - Assisting DO by locating water valves and sewer manholes from South 27 to North 27 for a DOT paving project. This will take some time off of the work on the 12-inch water line.

Jesse Johnson, Love, Day St. CDBG - Paving on Jesse Johnson is complete, also completing the 2013 LMIG project. A section of bad pipe, which was separated under South Main was discovered and replaced. Funding was in grant and DOT granted an emergency permit due to the possibility of a cavity under the road. The additional work has been completed and the project is 80 percent complete.

Gas Department Projects Report by Danny Williams... Project #1 - The city’s lot on North Main by J & J Hotdogs has been filled with base clay and leveled, will be finished with topsoil and grass seed.

Project #2 - The Clardy Road project in the Gateway Project lacks about 150 feet being completed. Once complete it will be widened requiring the removal of some trees.

Project #3 - Dirt removal from the retention pond off East Butler continues as weather allows. This project is about 60percent completed

Technology Department Project Report by Matt Hammond... The projects below are ongoing and are worked on as time allows between BlakelyNet installs and SGRITA needs.

1. Router selection, installation and provisioning to accommodate the new 1Gig of internet.

2. Moving SGRITA fiber behind City Hall for the construction of new 911 building

3. Collecting information on locations to build a combined network, utilizing one firewall, connecting all locations via fiber

4. - Removing City Hall firewall and redirecting network to the new Palo Alto Firewall

5. - Researching voice and video solutions to offer BlakelyNet customers

6. - Finishing our Country Lanes and Tanglewood apartments projects

7. - Studying build out of fiber to Old Lucile Road and possible wireless solutions for county customers outside fiber reach

IT - Setting up monitoring server software, deploying Kaspersky Antivirus and phone system changes to accommodate auto attendant for BlakelyNet.

Administration Department Project Report by Melinda Crook... Project #1 - Provided all necessary documents to ADP for payroll outsource processing. Verified all employee information to assure accuracy. First bi-weekly payroll processed on Feb.7 with pay out to employees,by way of direct deposit. This project is 95 percent complete.

Project #2 - FEMA Reimbursement: Have gotten required documents uploaded into FEMA portal in the required formats, having weekly meetings with FEMA representative and continue to answer questions and amend documents as needed. This project is 90% complete

Project #3 - Software Conversion: Have completed all load tables provided. In a recent conversation company feels we are close to a test run on utility billing. Pulling the information has been time consuming, but software company wanted $23,000 to pull together the information. Caselle has been extremely helpful regarding the type and format of reports our current system can provide. This project is about 80 percent complete.

Fire Department Project Report by Randy McDonald... The interim financing has been settled. Still providing requested documentation to USDA before the construction of new facility can begin.

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