2018-02-14 / Editorials

‘possum got it right!

Billy Fleming

A friend said to me a while back, “You do know half the people in this town hate your guts, don’t you?”

I remember my immediate thought was... “Thank God for the other half!”

My feelings were a little hurt upon hearing the news. I would have thought I had gotten under the skin of a lot more people than that! It wasn’t because I hadn’t tried.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” — Pogo

Actually, I’ve never really tried to be annoying or irritating. However, there are more than a few times, feeling there was a need and trying to create a sense of urgency that I may have hurt a few feelings myself.

I’m thinking... I’m thinking, trying to recall a time when I may have owed an apology for my crusading for a better community and nation for my children. Can’t think of one!

Not sure how I would react to the disturbing things I see going on around us if I didn’t have a family. I haven’t been to simulate that.

I have a wife, children, grandchildren, friends and dogs. And I care deeply about them and their futures!

I remember — several decades ago, now — when I thought it was just stinking politics I was seeing. But, for the most part it never was!

There are those masquerading within “politics” whose idealogy will destroy our country and our children’s future.

Listen to Pogo!!!

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