2018-02-07 / Sports

Junior Pro Lady Warriors finish season undefeated

The SGA warriors have had a great year again in Junior Pro sports. This year the Junior Pro, girls led by Coach Danny Doster, won the Junior Pro Tournament bringing the trophy back to SGA.

The Junior Pro girls put in a lot of hard work during school and after school. “I have been blessed with a good group of girls that were willing to work hard during practice and also on their own time and that makes the difference” said Coach Danny.

The Lady Warriors played six regular season games completing them with a 6-0 record. Then came the tournament in which the girls had to play two rounds. The first round being an elimination round where the girls had to face the Westwood Wildcats. The Lady Warriors came out successful with a 23-12 victory.

Next was the championship game, where the Lady Warriors faced the Terrell Academy Eagles. It started as a close game until the Lady Warriors came out after halftime and put the Eagles away with a 30- 17 victory, leaving the Lady Warriors with a 8- 0 undefeated season.

“Our goal all year was not to WIN every game, but be successful in our definition and if we can be successful in what we do winning becomes a byproduct” said coach Danny.

The players that made up the championship team include sixth graders Emma Holloman, Grace Morgan, Annabell Adams and Emma Chapman; and fifth graders Ella Ashley, Rose Fain, Ashlyn Durden, Anna Grace Ginn, Sadie Sasser, Maggie Joiner and Emmalee Johnson.

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