2018-01-31 / Editorials

A rare mooning to watch


Billy Fleming Billy Fleming You can skip this opening paragraph, I’m just reminding me to get up in the morning and watch the rare “super blue blood moon” eclipse low in the western sky! It begins here about 5:51 in the morning. It will be a race between the moon and the rising sun which will likely dampen our view of the rare spectacle. They say the last time it happened was the same day Jesse James robbed his first bank in 1866.

CNN’s resident “Trump Hater-in-Chief” must have had the day off yesterday!

CNN Money reported “Just one week after the Trump administration announced a massive 30% tariff on imported solar panels, one of China’s largest solar panel manufacturers announced plans to open a manufacturing plant in the United States.”

Theirs were among the financial and trade experts who marched before cameras time and again over the past year trying to make us believe how bad Trump’s trade policies were going to be for America!

Jesse James is no longer robbing banks, but there’s still going to be another rare event taking place tonight (Tuesday) when President Donald Trump gives his first State of the Union address.

Hopefully, you watched, because his remarks will bear little resemblence to what the main stream media will be trying to “tell you” what he said, and “what you should think about it!”

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