2018-01-24 / Front Page

Voters to consider TSPLOST referendum May 22

The Early County Board of Commissioners met Monday with representatives from several of the county’s municipalities to discuss the proposed TSPLOST referendum.

Voters in Southwest Georgia rejected TSPLOST in the July 2012 referendum which would have added a 1% sales tax to pay for regional highway improvements. Only three of 12 regional TSPLOST referendums passed in 2012.

With only 46 counties in those three districts able to benefit from TSPLOST funds, the legislature subsequently passed HB134 providing for Single County TSPLOST referendums.

County attorney Bill Mills advised the representatives at the meeting that their councils would need to hold special meetings in order to adopt project referendums in a timely manner.

The TSPLOST referendum will be on a special election ballot May 22, 2018 during the general election, to seek the approval to impose the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax to begin January 1, 2019.

Following the 2012 regional TSPLOST referendums only 46 counties were recipients of TSPLOST monies. A number of individual counties has since approved TSPLOST referendums since passage of HB134, including nine counties which held successful referendums in November 2017 .

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