2018-01-24 / Editorials

Taking note of things

Billy Fleming

I shoulda wore my Fitbit! I coulda lit that thing up today at the hospital in Dothan. (No emergency! Just a day of tests.)

I walked more getting to and from points A, B and beyond and across the “full” parking lot than I have since I hung a TV in front of our elliptical sweat machine... this week.

Not complaining, mind you, those treks might have been just what I needed to jump start the exercise part of my new found effort to lose weight.

Now if we can just find a way to jump start the “D” phase of that effort!

And there was this headline this week... “FCC approves wireless electricity.”

Are they letting the cat out of the bag that all those times over all those years I’ve been “zapped” by static electricity were unregulated by the government?

I was already pretty sure they weren’t, but I think they are talking about something else.

They are talking about something that, until now, only existed in science fiction, like in the Twilight Zone!

They are talking about something that “will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.”

Boy, that’s gonna really piss off the far left ideologues and globalists. That’s what they have had their sights set on doing over the past 50 years!

With their efforts shamelessly ramped up in recent years, they were giddy with excitement until Hilliary went down in flames!

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