2018-01-17 / Other News

GDOT SW district prepped for winter storm Inga

Southwest district Georgia Department of Transportation crews began pre-treating bridges and overpasses at 9 p.m. yesterday in advance of winter storm Inga.

Pre-treating began in the District’s northwest corner, in the Randolph County area.

“We expect to experience the leading edge of the wintry mix/snow in our far northwestern counties around midnight as the system moves southeasterly through our District. We will be bringing our forces in to start pretreating bridges and overpasses ahead of it on a staggered schedule,” District Maintenance Engineer Scott Chambers said.

Crews spread a rock/salt mixture. The rock breaks up ice as cars travel over it. The ice mixed with the salt creates brine, which lowers the freezing point and reduces the chance the surface will ice.

The District sent 10 snow plows and 25 employees to assist Atlanta. They began working a 12-hour shift at 9 p.m. yesterday.

That still leaves plenty of personnel and equipment in the Southwest District to handle whatever Inga may bring.

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