2018-01-10 / Front Page

Two hundred years ago...

“Our Bicentennial is a time to celebrate, not just in a festive sense, but in a more profound sense of renewal and rededication...” stated the Bicentennial Declaration signed by the Early County Commissioners Monday, noting, “Two hundred years ago our fathers settled and brought a system of government to this area of the Great State of Georgia.”

In addition to adopting and signing the Bicentennial Declaration, the commissioners made a number of appointments, including William H. Mills, who has served as county attorney over 30 years.

The following appointments were also approved: John W. Hunter Jr. was reappointed to the Planning Commission and Jim Wasdin was appointed to a four-year term, filling a seat vacated by Jason Scott Cochran; Parnell Freeman and Ray Enfinger were reappointed to the Recreation Board; Wallace O’Neal and James Crozier were reappointed to the Golden Triangle; and Ladon Durham was reappointed to the Public Safety Board.

The commissioners also heard a brief audit report from Bill Williams of Garland, Williams & Associates and approved a resolution transfering 2012 SPLOST funds: $630,325 from Road Construction to the Courthouse and $5,496 to Administration. The resulting 2012 SPLOST Budget: Road Construction - $1,703,482, Administration - $32,619 and Courthouse $630,325.

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