2018-01-03 / Front Page

New laws

A number of new laws went into effect Jan. 1 2018, including the following:

HB 340 eliminates sales and property taxes on cars, and replaces it with a seven percent fee. Georgians who lease vehicles are being taxed at the same level as Georgians who own cars.

HB 154 enables licensed dental hygienists to perform certain functions without a licensed dentist being required to be present.

HB 146 requires fire departments to purchase and maintain insurance coverage for firefighters diagnosed with certain types of cancers and to pay claims for injuries sustained en route to, during, and returning from fire calls, other emergency disasters and scheduled training sessions.

HB 155: Georgia Musical Investment Act gives a 15 percent tax cut to music projects or tours in Georgia.

Dozens of new laws signed by Gov. Deal went into effect July 1, 2017.

The Campus Carry law was the highest profile of the new laws, allowing guns on any campus in the state’s public college and university system.

The cost of hunting and fishing licenses also rose July 1 in Georgia. Annual resident hunting licenses cost increased to $15 from $10 and a resident hunting/fishing license now cost $30 compared to $17. Revenue from the increase was earmarked for the hiring 40 additional game wardens and improving department managed infrastructure. Forty-seven counties are currently without a game warden. The last time license prices increased was in 1992. Other laws which went into effect July 1 included a bill expanding the conditions eligible for treatment with cannabis oil. House Bill 338 gave the state the power to step in if a school is underperforming. Another July 1 law regulates drone launches and landings in the state. A new DUI law provides those convicted of driving while under the influence could be required to use a device that could stop them from starting their car. The “Back the Badge Act” effective July 1 increases penalties for certain laws against public safety officers. To see all new laws enacted by the 2017 General Assembly visit gov.georgia.gov/legislation/ 2017.

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