2018-01-03 / Editorials

Ready to make sausage

Billy Fleming

“Hey, look a yonder up in the sky... What’s that circling ‘round my head... must think I’m bound to die...” I’ve used those opening lyrics to an old forgotten song at least once before.

Ten years ago I was trying to raise awareness to several misguided plans being pushed by the legislative leadership in Atlanta headed into that year’s General Assembly.

With the General Assembly scheduled to convene Jan. 8, the headlines have been relatively quiet, too quiet, in fact.

I guess we will know if any issues are being held close to the vest come Jan. 10 when the Georgia Chamber hosts the annual “Eggs & Issues Breakfast” in Atlanta.

That’s where and when the governor and other legislative leaders “spill the beans” about their plans for the approaching General Assembly most years.

There are certain to be at least a couple of “hot button” issues that will affect us down here in the “bowels of the state.”

Whatever, rest knowing we will have two capable folks up there looking out for the best interests of Southwest Georgia — Rep. Gerald Greene and Senator Dean Burke rank among the best.

About those song lyrics... I was going to use them to segue into my plans to embark on the “D word.” The song... The Dying Convict” by the New Christy Minstrils.”

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