2017-12-27 / Editorials

It was a Hallmark Christmas

Billy Fleming

I normally would not have taken a second glimsp at the headline... “How Hallmark’s Christmas Movies Took Over Television.”

But, without NFL football, but few bowl games yet to kickoff, and already having dutifully watched “What A Wonderful Life,” more Hallmark Christmas movies were tuned into than in years past.

As heart-warming as they may be, after the first two or three, they, too, began wearing on us — at least me.

The continious Yuletide music with the fireplace. gifts and mingling pets was a welcome change Christmas Day.

Unexpectedly, the most attentive viewer was Hoot, Judy’s yearold YorkiePoo. He watched the dogs, cats and pig (yes there was a pig) relentlessly.

He sat in front of the TV, growling and barking ocassionally, jumped up on a nearby chair for a while for a better view and eventually fell asleep on the couch watching.

I caught him watching the screen several times this morning. Doubt he was interested in what was on, but rather wondering where all those little critters he was watching the day before went.

We all had a great Christmas along with Hoot, Buddy, Tessie, Dog and Cat.

We had a day, weekend actually, loaded with friends, family, kids, grand kids, dogs, gifts and Christmas Spirit. I pray all were as blessed as we were!

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