2017-12-20 / Editorials

It’s about reviving history

Billy Fleming

My mind was wandering through the years, trying to muster up some of those precious Christmas Day memories to share. And there are plenty of them!

But, what I stumbled across was not what I was looking for... I cannot remember my last Christmas Day with neither my Mama or Daddy!

I quit reminiscing and began searching my memory, thinking if I tried hard enough they would come to me. They didn’t!

The fact that those Christmas Days were some 25 and 35 years ago don’t comfort me much. I guess if I had known they were going to be the last, I would have etched them more permanently where they belong!

Following Daddy’s funeral, Bob, Claudette and I wandered into the old section of the cemetery looking at the old Fleming grave markers.

Unable to figure out who a couple of them belonged to, one of us said, “We may have just buried the last person who could tell us.”

We are going to spend a good bit of time over the next year celebrating our county’s history. I suggest if you want to walk through that history, there is no better way than to stroll through the old, front section of the Blakely Cemetery.

A lot of that history is buried there with the folks who made it happen. Wouldn’t it be great if we could revive some of that history with a “Historical Bicentennial Cemetery Tour?”

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