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The Early County Board of Commissioners held a busy final 2018 board meeting Monday night.

County attorney Bill Mills provided the commissioners an update on the proposed TSplost resolution to call for a referendum, stating the resolution will be presented for adoption at the February 2018 commission meeting.

The commissioners approved a resolution to approve a SGRITA Release and Settlement Agreement presented by Mills to release the county from all obligations to SGRITA. The resolution was presented to the City Council Tuesday night and will be presented to SGRITA at their board meeting Thursday.

The remaining responsibility is to provide two representatives to serve on the SGRITA board of directors.

Commissioners Sol and Haynes asked Mills questions regarding the status of the Public Safety Agreement, which has not been approved.

The consolidated department of Public Safety has been operating without a renewed agreement since January.

The commissioners approved the following alcoholic beverage licenses: Nancy Mills - on premises beer license for Log Cabin Restaurant near Hilton; L. Torbett - off premises beer for The Store on U.S. 27 South; and H. Patel - off premises beer, wine and liquor license for Jakin West US Food Mart.

The commissioners adopted a resolution setting the following qualifying fees for the 2018 election cycle: $110.00 for county commissioner and $18.00 for Board of Education.

Qualifying fees are based on 3 percent of base salary for county commissioner and 3 percent of total gross salary paid in 2017 for school board.

County Commission Districts 1 and 3 and Board of Education Districts 3 and 4 will be up for election in 2018.

The commissioners approved a resolution to move funds between approved categories in the 2012 SPLOST Budget. The resolution approves moving $635,821.64 from Public Works to the Main Courthouse ($630,325.10) and Administration ($5,496.54).

The funds will be restored to Public Works when funds are available from the 2018 SPLOST.

A number of board appointments were made for 2018:

The commissioners appointed Nelson Hattaway, Ray Jarrett and Ken Craft to the Airport Authority. They will serve two-year terms expiring Dec. 2019

They appointed two members to the Board of Elections. Commissioner Jeffery Haynes reappointed Vanesther Johnson from District 2 and Kenneth Hall was reappointed by District 4 Commissioner Taylor Bridges. These are 4- year terms with appointments.

The commissioners approved three nominees to be submitted for consideration by the Hospital Authority for the seat of Buck Grist. The nominees included Grist, Alan Braswell and Anthony Yarborough.

The board reappointed John Hunter Jr. to a four-year term on the Planning Commission. Scott Cochran asked to not be reappointed. Gracie Worlds and Jim Wasdin were nominated to fill his position. However, neither nominee received votes. That appointment was postponed until the January meeting.

The commissioners reappointed Dr. Lamar Brand to the Board of Health for a six-year term. Dr. Brand was serving an unexpired term.

A motion by Taylor Bridges to reappoint Parnell Freeman to the recreation board and recommend the city reappoint Ray Enfinger did not receive a second. Those appointments were postponed to the January meeting.

The non-public representative on the Southwest Georgia Region Commission, Freddie Speight, was reappointed jointly by the city and county. to a one-year term.

Two additional appointments will be made to the Public Safety Board and Golden Triangle at the January commission meeting.

The commission approved renewal of a license agreement. This agreement provides Nelson Hattaway access to the taxiway from his hanger.

During the public comment section of the meeting, Margaret Wimberly questioned whether the county had loan money available for minority businesses and Celia Bostwick thanked county for help with Christmas Parade and First Thursday activities.

Chairman June Merritt reported that Jamey Crozier had earlier announced Primary Care received the grant for expansion of their facility. Construction is scheduled to begin Dec. 15.

To provide incentive for county employees to get flu shots each year in an effort to maintain a healthy workforce, the county provides a drawing for $100. The recipient this year is Dawn Anglin from Public Works.

Due to the first Monday being New Year’s Day, the next meeting will be Jan. 8, 2018.

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