2017-11-29 / Editorials

Bowels of the swamp!

Billy Fleming

Does anyone remember how liberals were bashing and mocking Vice President Mike Pence in the media about six months ago for his “old-fashioned” approach to his marital vows?

“How terribly Puritan!” they exclaimed upon learning of his prudish nature and his refusal to be in a room alone with a woman who was not his wife.

In the wake of the sea of sexual scandals one online commentary notes that Mike Pence is coming out smelling like a rose. Maybe the Mike Pence “Rule” Isn’t So Bad After All, Eh? was the heading of the editorial piece.

And it’s going to get worse — a lot worse!

A secret slush fund Congress has kept to pay off their victims of sexual harassment and misconduct is beginning to come to light!

It’s already been revealed that over the past 20 years $17 million of taxpayer money has been used to silence women victimized by members of Congress — at least 264 victims.

The payoffs were kept a total secret from the taxpayers until just this month.

And note what enabled the secret payoffs using your tax dollars — passage of the “Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.”

And members of Congress face no consequences for their actions! So much for the “accountability.”

Efforts are underway to determine which swamp creatures need to be held accountable!

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