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A long talk with Milly

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“So, Milly, did you read the story in The New York Times about how people who own dogs actually live longer than people who don’t?” “I thought The New York Times was fake news.” More...

Story telling time

All That’s Fit to Print

So, it is that time of year AGAIN for Georgia and Auburn to suit up again. It also time to tell stories about the players.  The Auburn Tigers were on a bus headed for Athens. More...

Digital – for better or worse

For better or worse, it’s a digital world. That’s a problem for some people, including me. I don’t want to be more connected to gadgets. I want to be more connected to people. More...

How GOP tax plan can help small businesses more

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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has caused a bit of a hullabaloo by complaining that small businesses don’t get the benefits that corporations do in the GOP tax plan. More...

Political Cartoon

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Bowels of the swamp!


Does anyone remember how liberals were bashing and mocking Vice President Mike Pence in the media about six months ago for his “old-fashioned” approach to his marital vows?  “How terribly Puritan!” they exclaimed upon lea More...

My preemptive public apology

Recently, I have watched with interest how a number of public figures have handled a deluge of scandals and accusations of past misconduct.  More...

‘PREPARE and save the tin cans!’

From our Files News from the past

Nov. 28, 2007   AN ANTIQUE car show, petting zoo, rockclimbing wall, and the annual Christmas parade are just a few of the activities everyone can enjoy this Saturday on Court Square at the 14th Holidays on the Square.  More...

Political Cartoon

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