2017-11-22 / Front Page

Juveniles busted for break-ins

Investigators have apparently solved a rash of break-ins and burglaries that have taken place since Nov. 14

Juvenile complaints have been filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice against four male juveniles and two female juveniles arrested in connection with the crimes.

The four male juveniles are charged with the Nov. 19 break-in at Tri-County Pawn during which 12 handguns and ammo were stolen.

Three of the male juveniles allegdly damaged the side door to the Peking restaurant while trying to break in on Nov. 19.

The two female juveniles are charged with multiple breakins of commercial properties and vehicles.

The incidents include breaking the window out of the Blakely Chicken Restaurant on Nov. 14; trying to break into Subway Restaurant, breaking into the public Library, attempted break-in at Security Finance damaging back door and breaking into a 2012 Kia Fort parked at Subway, all on Nov. 16; and entering a 2005 Ford Freestyle without permission on Nov. 17.

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